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What exactly DO you call it? Whether you call it Folk art, Outsider art, Visionary art, Self-taught art, Primitive art, Intuitive art, Naïve art…it doesn’t really matter, because here at Gallery C we know what you mean. The art is raw and pure; the artists are outside the mainstream and have no training. The work is strangely appealing and not always pretty – but it is fresh, colorful, honest, and personal.

Gallery C has been a folk art gallery for almost twenty years. The folk art paintings, sculpture and folk art that we have collected over this long period are quite wonderful. Because we are located south of the Mason-Dixon Line, we are in the hotbed of American Folk art. We’ve been to the artists’ homes and purchased the works directly from their hands. If you buy outsider art from us you will get work that is authentically created by artists who are blessed with the gifts of vision and intuition, not by Johnny-come-lately artists whose works are motivated by fame or money.

Please follow the links to experience Minnie Evans, for whom making art was a calling from God. Robert Ruckman are similarly inspired, although the sources come from a vast array of world religions. A folk art painting by Woodie Long, Bernice Sims, or Jimmy Lee Sudduthcaptures the joys and hardships of rural life in the South, from the cotton harvest to Sunday dresses. And you don’t want to miss the playful folk art sculptures by North Carolina’s very own Vollis Simpson.

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