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Trena McNabb

Trena McNabb is passionate about her artwork. She is also a story-teller whose paintings piece together smaller scenes to create one cohesive narrative. She uses many layers of overlapping images to create such a narrative. Thus, each painting weaves together a story.

Trena is also fascinated by North Carolina’s native plants and animals. She uses this fascination to blend science, realism and fantasy in her artwork. Within each painting, kaleidoscopes of vivid colors depict the flora, fauna, foods and landscapes that comprise our precious earth.

In many of Trena McNabbs paintings she uses natural canvas and bright white paint in the negative space. Trena especially likes to combine vibrant colors and the stark white sections. The contrast creates a breathtaking harmony in her paintings.

In the past, Trena’s most notable works were large scale site-specific paintings.  However, Trena also paints small-scale allegorical scenes. These scenes often unite stylized shapes as well as her own harmonious concept of beauty. Multi-layered montages of brightly lit, realistic and thematically painted scenes contribute to Trena’s distinctive style.

The multi-dimensional themes in McNabb’s paintings are achieved in a variety of ways. Sometimes a sectional piece is used to wrap around a canvas’s corner. Sometimes McNabb will suspend a painting from the ceiling. McNabb will also use unconventional materials such leaves, plexiglass, twine, or sawdust. These techniques and her playful processes result in vibrant and lifelike paintings.

Over the years Trena has had work commissioned from a range of corporate clients and public spaces. Her commissioned work can be found throughout the US, Europe and Asia. Trena’s unique style inspires collectors worldwide, whether she is telling a story or documenting the growth of an industry.

“Looking at Trena McNabb’s paintings is a journey into ourselves. Her flawless compositions and thoughtful renderings thoroughly engage the viewer. She allows us to glimpse the unseeable aspects of life through her portrayals of real things. Joyful and intellectual, Trena McNabb’s paintings are the inspired work of an artist with much to say about the richness of our lives.”



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