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Tisha Weddington

“I paint images of beauty and strangeness coupled with a surreal sense of the provocative. With this sensibility what I want most is to impart a sense of wonder to the viewer. Within these placid individuals with contorted, combined and twisted bodies, there is the reality of surprise. A duality of nature, which is unexpected that I express in visions of imagined landscapes of human and animal forms.

My work is intuitive. I do not dwell on the placement of things, I let them find their own way within the painting. Working from my imagination I enjoy painting curious images that co-mingle man and beast. These images are meant to be comical, beautiful, and kinetic but concurrently always hold the darker side of nature. Following my intuition, I seek out a balance and what this duplicity means within my work. I like to rely on the viewer to interpret the imagery, thereby providing both the challenge and opportunity to each individual to translate my visual language from their own unique perspective.” – Tisha Weddington

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