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Campbell Glynn Paxton

“I create small sculptures on mythological themes. I use the human body to explore movement in space; action and reaction; and the problems of “open” and “closed” form. I do not deny myself subject, but rather revel in it to explore emotion through my choice of myth and the consequent situations offered therein.

I enjoy researching the traditional concept and iconography and then delve deeper into more obscure interpretations to see if I can make any logical leaps in mythic reason; to see if I can add any nuance of meaning when I am done playing and my plastic actors have finally settled on a pose. In this work I hope to make objects that move, delight, and instruct or, at least, provide incentive to explore the sources I set askew.

My works are basically domestic. They are created to be in the hands of an individual; to be touched, turned, and examined with the naked eye (after all, turn about is fair play). Their scale, which is grossly distorted by a slide presentation, denies the pompous heroism of more monumental sculpture. (They are conversational rather than rhetorical; intimate rather than public.) Indeed, if my creations do not make large statements, they at least make side remarks which might induce thought or contemplation.”

— Campbell Glynn Paxton

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