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Brooke Major

Image of the artist, Brooke Major, smiling while working on a painting.

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, Brooke Major moved to France at the age of 18 for college.

She enrolled at an American university in Paris to study Political Science, which led her to intern at the US Embassy. However, from a young age, Brooke has had two consistent passions in life: art and horses. Feeling the pull towards the Arts grow stronger, she structured her schedule in a way that enabled her to audit painting and architectural courses at the school of Beaux-Arts. Two years of training in this setting helped Brooke to develop her signature style. She was particularly inspired by a conversation she had with a professor, who told her that there was nothing new to explore in the medium of painting, that it was dead. Defiantly, Brooke began to combine sculpting with painting.

For Brooke, it’s not what you see, it’s what you perceive.

“I have chosen monochrome white since white is a reflection of light and can be changed into any color.” Brooke’s bas-relief style of sculpting white oils on canvas creates textural intrigue, consequentially lending her paintings a strong sense of depth and endowing them with dramatics. Light and shadow dance around her work, and the tune changes with the manner of presentation and the eye of the beholder. Brooke Major’s subjects are always closely related to her personal life. Whether it’s her love for horses, the adventures of her travels or architecture that she finds inspiring, deep curiosity and passion are present in all of her work. It is apparent in her ability to convey movement and majesty.

Eventually, Brooke moved to Normandy, where she has ben located ever since. She sought fresh air and open space, and hoped to pursue her other dream—to breed show-jumping horses— an aspiration she’s now been fulfilling for over 10 years. Additionally, relocation allowed Brooke to establish a personal studio in a unique and stimulating setting, the grain loft of a 16th century castle.

Brooke Major exhibits widely throughout Europe, and is represented exclusively in North Carolina by Gallery C.

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Awards and prizes:

  • She received her first reward in Argentiere la Bessee, France 2007.
  • Brooke major also received a Silver Medal in Salon des Independants.
  • Then in 2008 Thonon les Bains, France Gold Medal
  • Then in 2009 Lyon, France she was awarded the Arts Inter.
  • In 2010 she received the Young Talent Prize in Aigle de Nice, Menton, France.
  • In 2012 she received the Prix du Salon, Salon de l’art contemporain de La Rochelle.
  • Finally in 2017 she was awarded her first American recognition.Prix du Jury category: painting, Artfest, Clayton Georgia, USA.
  • She also received an Honorable mention, ADAP, Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport in 2017.
  • Then in 2018 she was awarded the Grand Prize of the Salon, Salon Rene Clement Bayer.


Galerie Rob Van Rijn, Maastricht, Holland
Jeanne Chisholm Fine Art, Wellington, Florida
Sedgewick Gallery, Atlanta Ga
Anne Jacobs Fine Art, Highlands NC
Sala de Fruits, atelier à Barfleur
Paul Robinson fine art, Atlanta Ga
Momus Art Gallery, Atlanta, GA
La Galerie de Tourgeville, Tourgeville, France
Galerie Annie Wable, Lille, France
Galerie Art Espace 83, La Rochelle, France
The Artists Galerie, Arcachon, France
Zee Art, Strasbourg, France
Hotel de Monteffard, Sees, France
Grand Marche d’Art Contemporain (GMAC) Paris, France
Art Anima, Paris & Caen, France
Univers’Art, Le Mans, France
Galerie Univers des peintres, Honfleur, France
Galerie Marine, Honfleur, France
Momus Gallery, Atlanta, GA

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